Director of Human Resources – Dana B. Kenyon Company

“For us, safety is the number one priority; not only because it’s the law, but because we care about the wellbeing of our employees, subcontractors & clients. That’s why we teamed up with HRH as our safety consultant nearly 14 years ago. Their inspectors are well trained and work with our Field Managers to ensure that we are in compliance with OSHA regulations. They conduct our safety inspections, arrive on-site for any safety-related situation that arises, and provide our employees with quality safety training. But more importantly, safety on our projects is as important to them as it is to us, and they’ve proven many times over to be a reliable partner. It’s critical in our industry to have a resource you can rely on for OSHA compliance and overall safety, and I strongly recommend HRH Safety & Health Systems to any company in need of a dependable safety partner.”

Janet Masterson

Vice President & Human Resources Administrator – Auld & White Constructors

“Auld & White Constructors has been partnering with HRH for 10 years. HRH Safety inspectors visit our job sites and through a comprehensive checklist, ensure our job sites are adhering to all OSHA safety standards. Upon completion of each inspection, HRH meets with the Superintendent and safety issues are promptly abated. HRH Safety Consultants are a great resource to our company. If our Superintendents have a safety question, they call our safety rep and get their answer. Auld & White Constructors uses HRH for our Safety Training. We have worked with HRH to come up with a tailored safety training program that is specific to each position within the company. A good safety record translates into lower overhead costs, and ultimately benefits our clients. HRH Safety has been instrumental in helping us get our safety program where it is today. We would recommend HRH to any company who wants to improve their safety program.”

Steven W. Auld & Jan Conwell

Senior Vice President – Development- LandSouth Construction

“HRH has been an integral part of our safety program at LandSouth for nearly ten years. HRH keeps us updated on changes in safety requirements and provides us with the latest safety strategy that helps to keep our safety program up-to- date and relevant. We consider HRH to be a valued partner in our efforts to provide a safe working environment here at LandSouth.”

Joe Passkiewicz

Vice President – Safety & Compliance – Meyer Najem Construction, LLC

“HRH safety has been instrumental in the safety auditing process for our Florida projects as well as being a training resource for our employees’ onsite. The experience of their consultants has benefited the overall ‘percent safe’ for our projects.”

Traci Hardin

Construction Manager – D.R. Horton- North Florida Division

“HRH and their team of inspectors are a vital part of the D.R. Horton North Florida Division’s commitment to safety, and they have done an outstanding job of educating our employees. Their on- the-job safety training, classroom instruction, random job site inspections, and onsite education are crucial to keeping our job sites safe. HRH helps us stay up-to- date on OSHA education, as well as any changes or updates in residential construction safety. We value our relationship with HRH and look forward to utilizing their expertise in the future.”

Jaime Ulbrich

Director of Field Operations – Elkins Construction, LLC

“The new Elkins Construction, LLC will continue its partnership with HRH Safety & Health Systems, which started in 1992 and is still the cornerstone of our safety culture. We had teamed with HRH several years ago to create a grading system with their safety inspection reports to help evaluate the performance of our project safety and superintendents. After working out the kinks, the graded reports became a milestone for the superintendents to achieve ‘excellent’ on their safety inspections. With the help of HRH and their knowledgeable inspectors, especially during an OSHA visit, we will keep our job sites safer and allow the workers to return home to their families. We also use HRH Safety for their powerful instruction for OSHA 30 Hour and other safety training and appreciate the personal relationship with Bob Hice and Lee Phillips. Thanks for all you do.”

L. Keith McCarter

Human Resource Director/Safety Manager – Crown Products Co., Inc.

“Crown Products began our relationship with HRH in 2015 with our facilities audit. I found Bob and Lee to be knowledgeable in all aspects of safety and OSHA compliance. Their inspections were thorough and provided detailed explanations as to the importance of making the corrections and or required updates. Since our first meeting with Bob and Lee they have been available to answer any questions and address any concerns, no matter how small. From my experience with Bob his purpose is to build solid relationships and if that eventually means continued business that is wonderful, but relationships come first. If you are looking for highly competent safety professionals with a desire to build strong relationships and an understanding of your business I highly recommend HRH.”

Lisa McGann