To Avoid Potentially Fatal Accidents

What can HRH Safety & Health Systems offer to add value to your Company’s Safety & Health Culture?

  • Using HRH services sends a signal to your employees and subcontractors that company management is genuinely committed to the overall health & safety of its employees in the workplace and on job sites.
  • Because our consultant staff is experienced, versatile, and mobile we are willing to meet our clients’ expectations regardless of where they need us. We have one bilingual consultant (English & Spanish) and four employees certified as Construction Health & Safety Technicians (CHST).
  • Our role as a 3rd party resource for safety & health consultation and services enables us to bring “unbiased” objective opinions and techniques on safety & health issues to the table.
  • Our consultants seek to develop a “partnership” with their clients which fosters a non-confrontational working relationship with both client employees and, just as importantly, with their subcontractors.
  • HRH endeavors to encourage its client partners to become engaged in their safety program and inspection process by conducting random, documented workplace and job site inspections “jointly” for the purpose of:
    1. Satisfying OSHA requirements for documented recordkeeping, risk, and hazard identification,
    2. Prompt abatement or elimination of non-compliant issues observed,
    3. Providing safety education on OSHA construction & industrial regulations for client employees participating with HRH in the inspection process,
    4. Identifying employees who based on observation require training,
  • All HRH consultants are OSHA Outreach Trainers qualified to conduct OSHA 10 & 30 Hour training, as well as all other OSHA required training. HRH can also deliver on-line OSHA recognized training. (All training can be offered in English & Spanish)
  • Having an HRH consultant point of contact allows client first line Superintendents and Project Managers continual and immediate access to seasoned trained safety professions for real time consultation and communication without interruption of the work at hand.
  • HRH can conduct research of OSHA regulations for Letters of Interpretation and other clarifications necessary for client partners and their subcontractors to meet and understand compliance expectations.
  • HRH consultants can assist client partners with written site specific safety programs, accident prevention plan preparation, emergency action plans, jobsite hazard analysis, safety meetings, accident investigations, pre-con meetings, and other requirements.
  • HRH participates on behalf of its client partners during OSHA inspections and during OSHA Informal Hearings.
  • HRH collaborates with and endorses the National Association of Drug Free Workplaces (NADFW) as an independent resource for client drug & alcohol testing and numerous other screening/assessment programs.
  • Using HRH may entitle your company to certain discounts or safety grants on insurance premiums.
  • Gaining bid awards/recruitment
  • Respect among competitors
  • Increased production
  • Potentially reduced Worker’s Comp/liability premiums